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S.W.A.T. Team

Marion County Sheriff's Office S.W.A.T. Team.

The Marion County Special Operations Unit (aka S.W.A.T.) was started in 2006 by Sheriff Kevin Williams to help combat the growing drug problem and to have a specialized unit here in Marion County.  The Special Operations Unit is made up of certified police officers from the Marion County Sheriff's Department, and the Hamilton Police Department. 

 Each Special Operations officer is a certified S.W.A.T. officer.  Each officer has  specialized training in weapons and tactics.  This training allows them to aid area agencies in dangerous high risk warrant service, hostage and barricaded situations,  and to help keep the citizens of Marion County and surrounding areas safe.

 The Marion County Special Operations Unit consists of Commander - Instructor Lt. Bill Pendley, Assistant Team Commander David Oliver, Cpl.Adam Heath, Lt. Jimmy Pendley, Jerard Tidwell, Kevin Bryant, and includes two snipers : Michael Butler and Zach Langston. (not pictured) Trey Webb ,Terry Ritch, and Brad McDonald

S.W.A.T. Commander Lieutenant Billy Pendley

Lt. Billy Pendley
Marion Co. SO

S.W.A.T. Assistant Commander David Oliver

Asst. Commander
David Oliver
Brilliant PD

S.W.A.T. Member Sniper Michael Butler


Sniper Michael Butler
Marion Co. SO

S.W.A.T. Member Sniper Zach Langston

Sniper Zach Langston
Marion Co. SO

S.W.A.T. Member Lieutenant Jimmy Pendley

Lt. Jimmy Pendley
Hamilton PD

S.W.A.T. Member Jerard Tidwell

Jerard Tidwell
Hamilton PD

S.W.A.T. Member Danny Purser

Danny Purser
Hamilton PD

S.W.A.T. Member Scotty Chandler

Scotty Chandler
Hamilton PD

S.W.A.T. Member Cpl. Adam Heath

Cpl. Adam Heath
Hamilton PD

S.W.A.T. Member Kevin Bryant

Kevin Bryant
Brilliant PD