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Back to School

Citizens and visitors of Marion County,

As the end of summer fast approaches, I hope that every citizen of Marion County has had a fun and safe summer.  If your family took a summer vacation, I hope that you arrived to your destination and back home safely. If you are planning a vacation, I would like to remind you to please drive safely and follow all traffic laws. 

If you are visiting Marion County or just passing through, I would like to welcome you to Marion County and I hope that you have a positive experience in our County.

During this time of year, we all know that traffic volume on our roads increase.  I would like to ask each and every driver in our county to please abide by all traffic laws and help your Marion County Sheriff's Department staff to keep the roads and highways in our county safe.

Soon, school bells will begin ringing again and classes will start.  When the school bells start ringing, there will be a lot of school buses out and about in Marion County.  I would like to remind you of some common rules to ensure that our children arrive at school and return home safely. 

  • Do NOT tailgate school buses.  (State law requires you to stop 20 feet away from a school or church bus)
  • Do NOT pass a stopped school bus. 
  • Do NOT speed in school zones.
  • Abide flashing lights and stop signs on school buses.
  • Observe special posted speed limits during school hours in school zones.
  • Observe your surroundings to make sure you see children crossing the street to enter or exit a school bus.
  • Watch for frequent stops. 

Front and back view of a school bus illustrating its hazard warning lights and stop sign.

 I am honored to serve as your Marion County Sheriff.  I want to thank the citizens of Marion County for allowing me the opportunity to serve you.  If the Marion County Sheriff's Department staff or myself can ever be of assistance to you or your family, please do not hesitate to call us anytime at 205-921-7433.



Kevin Williams