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Crime Tips & Prevention

Information and resources to help prevent the serious problem of bullying

Cell Phone Safety
Information and resources on using cell phones safely

Conflict Resolution
Information on controlling anger intended to promote nonviolence and diplomacy

Information and resources to curb the growing problem of cyber-bullying

Disaster Preparedness
Find out what you can do for Homeland Security, and learn how to prepare for natural disasters.

Drug Abuse
Information and resources to help prevent drug abuse

Fraud and Identity Theft
Information and resources to protect yourself and your family from fraud and identity theft.

Gang Violence Prevention
Information and Resources for parents, educators, community activists, police, and government officials on preventing gang violence.

Halloween Safety
Trick or Treat Safety Tips

Hate Crime
Information and resources regarding hate crimes and bias

Home and Neighborhood Safety
Information and resources for keeping your home and neighborhood safe

Internet Safety
Information and resources for staying safe online

School Safety
Tips and resources for students, parents, and teachers to help keep America's schools safe

Violent Crime and Personal Safety
Tips and resources to help prevent violent crime, plus information and publications for victims of violence

Find something you enjoy while making a tremendous difference in the lives of others.

Workplace Safety
Take crime prevention to work.

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